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Kaarsjes op de taart op scherm Omniversum

Birthday party in Omniversum

Omniversum is an incredible place to celebrate your birthday party. Invite your friends and prepare to go on a movie adventure!

Birthday parties

Experience exciting adventures, be surprised by special animals and discover the most beautiful places on earth. Before the movie starts, you can eat some sweets with all your friends and drink delicious lemonade at a cheerfully decorated table!

Children's party - basic

Including: A drink of your choice, Pringles, ticket for a film of your choice

Conditions: not available during (school) holidays

€ 15,00 per child

Book a children's birthday party

A birthday party (min 6 children max 10 children) in Omniversum lasts about 1½ - 2 hours. To book a party please contact us via email (form) or call during office hours from Monday to Friday to 


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