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High tea close up Brasserie Berlage

Brasserie Berlage package deal

Visit a film of your choice in Omniversum and combine this with an extensive high tea, lunch or dinner in the atmospheric, adjacent Brasserie Berlage.

High tea and film

A delicious selection of sweet and savory delicacies on étagères. This high tea is served with a glass of method champenoise and various teas.

Lunch and film

Lunch consists of an organic brown bun with goat cheese, organic corn bun with tuna salad, sandwich with beef carpaccio, beef croquette and a small pomodori soup.


Dinner (main course) and film

Choose from one of the main courses of the menu (€ 7,- surcharg on the lamb and entrecote). All main courses are served with matching garnish.

This package is offered from 6 pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Drinks are not included.


All packages must be booked at least 2 days in advance to ensure a place in Omniversum and a table in Brasserie Berlage. Reservations can be made at Omniversum or Brasserie Berlage (070 - 3387622) from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Note: Brasserie Berlage is closed on Mondays.

Call 070 416 82 00

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