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Museon-Omniversum is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 measures.
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Donations and gifts

Before long, the World`s population will reach 9 billion. A fantastic opportunity to make our planet even more beautiful because with 9 billion people we can achieve a great deal. How? By showing people that we all share one planet. That creating a bright future is a joint creative challenge and telling everyone how they can contribute.

Help build a better world

Who are we?

Omniversum is by far the largest film theater in the Netherlands, the only IMAX large screen dome theater in the Benelux and one of the few in Europe. Under a gigantic dome of 840 m², more than twelve times the size of an average cinema screen, every day a unique film experience takes place for around 300,000 visitors per year. For more than thirty years, Omniversum visitors have enjoyed a unique viewing and listening experience. The future will bring even more. The enormous dome combined with digital innovations in the field of image, sound and many new films offer an even more penetrating experience never to be forgotten. A greater than great experience of the sublime beauty of our earth.

Where love for our World begins

It has been proven more than once: the passion to stand up for our planet and nature starts with a unique experience. The experience where a dream gets wings. Omniversum offers such an experience. It is a place where the beauty and vulnerability of our World is made tangible in a powerful way.

Our aim is to increase awareness amongst visitors in the hope that this will act as a trigger to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. A personal passion for the World is a good start. To spread the word further, we would really appreciate your support.

We do not receive a subsidy from the municipality or the government. We are a foundation with an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization) status. Our revenues are generated from our ticket sales, the revenue from the catering industry and the store. We believe that Omniversum should be accessible to all layers of the population, which is why we keep our admission price as low as possible. We strive to carry out our mission and vision in the most economical way possible and that is why we are asking for your help.


Omniversum, a non-profit foundation, aims to impart knowledge about human life, nature and our planet to the public in a special and impressive way, knowledge that is essential for a sustainable society.


Omniversum brings the message that we have a better life when we make an effort to protect our planet and to deal with everything and everyone who lives on it with respect. We do this by virtually bringing our visitors to other places and thereby making them more global citizens.


If this appeals to you and you would like to support Omniversum, you can make a one-off or periodic donation. We will use your contribution for renting and promoting new films with a sustainable and educational message. That way we can remain a foundation for everyone.

The new Donation Act makes your donation to cultural institutions with an ANBI status fiscally attractive. Would you like to donate? Donations to a General Benefit Institution are tax-deductible in the year in which they were incurred. The amount of the donation deduction depends on the amount of the income, the amount of the gift and whether it is a one-time or regular donation. To stimulate donation behavior in the Netherlands, the government has taken a number of measures in the form of tax benefits.

Support Omniversum

Would you like to support Omniversum and help us go further? We would be happy to talk to you.

Monique Batelaan
Deputy Director of Operations


070 416 82 00

Our mission

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