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Filmposter Africa the Serengeti
Temporarily showing

Africa, the Serengeti

Times & tickets
Run time
40 minutes
English (with earphones)
Narrated by
James Earl Jones
Great migration
This film is not part of the standard programming, but is available on request for larger groups (20 and up). However, you can join this film as an individual visitor as well.

This is only an indication. Omniversum advises parents to estimate whether the film is suitable / fun for their child (ren).

Africa the Serengeti introduces the audience to a spectacle that few humans have ever witnessed, the Great Migration, taking viewers on a journey with over 1.5 million animals as they travel more than 500 miles across the Serengeti plains in Tanzania and Kenya.

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This film is a tribute to the wildebeest as they set out on their yearlong odyssey; it is also a documentary featuring a fascinating array of animals including zebras, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, baboons and even hyenas, jackals and vultures, with an abundance of animal trivia.

Africa the Serengeti is one of the best rated films in Omniversum. An absolute must see!

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