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Andre rieu filmposter

André Rieu: Together Again

140 minutes (incl. break)
André Rieu and others

This film is shown in regular cinema format (no giant screen dome).

Tickets: € 14,50
Discount and promotions do not apply to Omniversum Cinema films.

The King of the Waltz has personally hand-picked his favorite tunes, opera arias and dance acts from shows around the world – along with many performances never seen before on the big screen.

André brings artists of international stature together in a grand spectacle, to make you sing, dance and laugh. With performances from São Paolo, Mainau, Bucharest, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Istanbul. André Rieu invites you to reunite with your friends, family and other loved ones to enjoy a heartwarming concert together. Celebrate it on August 28 and 29!

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