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Filmposter Aznavour

Aznavour, le regard de Charles

76 minutes
French, Dutch subtitles
Édith Piaf, Maurice Biraud, Romain Duris

This film is shown in regular cinema format (no giant screen dome).

Ticket: € 12,50

In 1948, Edith Piaf offered a 16mm camera to Charles Aznavour, which would always be with him. Until 1982, Charles would shot hours and hours of material which would become the corpus of his film diary.

Moments and events, places where he performs, his friends, loves and troubles. A few months before his death, he looked at the material with Marc di Domenico. And decided to make a movie out of it, his movie.

Tip: drinks & dinner

Make it a complete night out! Before the film, enjoy a delicious dinner on the terrace of our neighbors Brasserie Berlage.

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