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Filmposter fly me to the moon

Fly me to the moon

Times & tickets
Run time
50 minutes
English (with earphones)
Narrated by
Trevor Gagnon, Philip Bolden, David Gore a.o.
Moon landing
This film is not part of the standard programming, but is available on request for larger groups (20 and up). However, you can join this film as an individual visitor as well.

Omniversum advises parents to decide whether the film is suitable / nice for their child(ren).

Fly me to the moon is the story of three spirited and curious pre-teen flies who live across from Cape Canaveral in 1969 and dream of going into space. This thrilling animated feature film will connect a new generation of children and their parents to the adventure and excitement of space exploration, experienced via stunning visuals that draw upon one of mankind’s most memorable, historical moments: man’s first landing on the moon.

Fly me to the moon combines the Apollo 11 mission with a whimsical twist involving three tween-aged flies who go along on an incredible space adventure. Fly me to the moon introduces new generations to space exploration and the historic moment when the world was united for this awe-inspiring achievement.

Times & tickets

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