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Metallica: S&M2

October 30
Start & duration
8 p.m. - 150 minutes
Tickets: €17,50*
Welcome drink included

*Discount promotions cannot be applied.

At October 30 Omniversum will show a registration of the live concert S&M2 of one of the most famous rock bands alive: Metallica.

Metallica: S&M2

Metallica joins together with The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. For the first time in twenty years to once again stage their landmark concert and live album: S&M.

Filmed across two sold out shows in San Francisco's Chase Center, this live concert experience is now available in Omniversum. Featuring a specially filmed introduction from the band, the concert will feature many of the songs of S&M, plus several newer Metallica songs (and maybe a few suprises!) rearranged in this unique context.

Please notice that this concert will be shown at a size of 140 square meters instead of the full dome.

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