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Filmposter Paolo Conte

Paolo Conte, It’s Wonderful

101 minutes
Italian, Dutch subtitles
Paolo Conte, Jane Birkin, Roberto Benigni

This film is shown in regular cinema format (no giant screen dome).

Tickets: € 12,50

Italian singer, pianist, composer and lyricist Paolo Conte has been a famous musical personality for decades. His music has the power to tell stories and arouse emotions, just like a beautiful film. He has also been compared to Tom Waits and Randy Newman by the New York Times.

Paolo Conte. Via con me (it's wonderful) by director Giorgio Verdelli, stretches over a period of 50 years and is about more than just music. The viewer is taken along the most famous songs, major concerts and previously unreleased material. But also the friendships, thoughts and reflections of the artist are discussed. Verdelli has made use of Conte's rich personal archive for this film, which contains images of his international tours and unique moments that have shaped his special career. The film is an ongoing voyage of discovery into the extraordinary world of Paolo Conte.

Tip: drinks & dinner

Make it a complete night out! Before the film, enjoy a delicious drink or dinner on the terrace of our neighbors Brasserie Berlage.

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