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Chopin filmposter

In search of Chopin

Run time
110 minutes
English, Dutch subtitles
Phil Grabsky

This film is shown in regular cinema format (no giant screen dome).

Tickets: € 12,50
Discount and promotions do not apply to Omniversum Cinema films.

Chopin's grave in Paris remains a place of pilgrimage and his music continues to sell out concert halls worldwide - but who exactly was this man who was terrified to perform in front of audiences, who fled his homeland of Poland for Paris never to return?

He took on the most notorious transvestite in France, rarely performed in public and, despite his ill health, wrote one of the most intense and spirited pieces of music ever composed. How exactly did a young Polish boy get to such dizzying heights?

For four years, award-winning Phil Grabsky traveled the world in his quest to uncover Chopin's life and music. The best musicians perform his music, including Leif Ove Andsnes, Daniel Barenboim, Ronald Brautigam and the Orchestra of the 18th Century.

Funny, heartbreaking, inspiring - this film is the first to truly show the true nature of this remarkable and still much loved composer.

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