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Tosca opera still

Tosca - ROH

Run time
3 hours en 25 minutes (incl. 2 breaks)
Jonathan Kent
Elena Stikina (Floria Tosca), Bryan Hymel (Mario Cavaradossi), Alexey Markov (Baron Scarpia), Hubert Francis (Spoletta),Yuriy Yurchuk (Cesare Angelotti), Jeremy White (Sacristan), Jihoon Kim (Sciarrone)

Royal Opera House

This film is shown in regular cinema format (no giant screen dome).

Tickets: € 17,50

LIVE from the Royal Opera House in London. A romance, a tragedy and a thriller - journey to 19th-century Rome with Puccini's world-famous and passionate opera.

In the romantic world of painter Cavaradossi and his sensual mistress Tosca, the malice of chief agent Baron Scarpia enters. The outcome is deadly. Elena Stikina, Bryan Hymel and Alexey Markov bring to life one of the most beloved operas in the Royal Opera's repertoire: Puccini's Tosca. From the famous demonic first chords to the violent turn at the end of the opera, the tension remains high. Love and evil come face to face in this intense production by Jonathan Kent. The choir is the Royal Opera. The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House.

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Wednesday 15 December

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