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Filmposter Voyage of time
Film + lecture

Voyage of time + lecture

Duration film + lecture
+- 140 minuten
Norbert Peeters
Film spoken in English - lecture in Dutch
Ticket: €19,50*

*Discount promotions cannot be applied.

On Thursday, January 9th, Omniversum in collaboration with Philosophy The Hague, offers the opportunity to witness a lecture on topics such as science, botanical philosophy and time & space. First we will start with the movie Voyage of time followed by a lecture from philosopher Norbert Peeters.


  • 18.30 walk in
  • 19.15 Voyage of time
  • 20.05 break
  • 20.20 lecture Norbert Peeters
  • +- 21.30 end

Voyage of time

The film’s panorama of awe-inspiring images will take you into the heart of monumental events never witnessed — from the birth of the stars and galaxies to the explosion of diverse life-forms on planet earth, including humankind — in immersive new ways that only IMAX can deliver. This is a cosmic experience on the 840m2 big dome screen of Omniversum!

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