28 March 

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Hubble, 28-03-2018 11:00


Run time: 40 minutes

Hubble recounts the amazing journey of the most important scientific instrument since Galileo’s original telescope and the greatest success in space since the Moon Landing: the Hubble Space Telescope. Audiences will accompany the space walking astronauts as they attempt some of the most difficult tasks ever undertaken in NASA’s history, and will experience up close the awesome power of the launches, the heartbreaking setbacks, and the dramatic rescues of this most powerful story.

The film also reveals the cosmos as never before, allowing viewers of all ages to explore the grandeur of the nebulae and galaxies, the birth and death of stars, and some of the greatest mysteries of our celestial surroundings.


NB: Dit is slechts een indicatie. Omniversum adviseert ouders altijd zelf een inschatting te maken of de film voor hun kind(eren) geschikt/leuk is.