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Evenement in Omniversum

Friends of Omniversum

The Friends Association of Museon and Omniversum seeks to enthuse people in Museon and Omniversum. It has been doing so for nearly 70 years. With some 1100 members, the Friends Association is financially healthy and organisationally competent.

Become a friend

Membership comes in different variations: 

  • Adults: € 25 per year
  • Youth card (up to 18 years): € 17.50 per year
  • Family membership (three children and two adults): € 50 per year
  • Friends Gift Card: € 25 for 1 year


  • Free access to Museon for two, Youth card: two people up to 18 years old; Family card: three children in addition to two adults;
  • Invitations for various openings in the Museon; 
  • Free admission to the Museon lectures;
  • Free access to the Museum Workshop for youth members
  • 25% discount on admission fee for Omniversum. When registering, two (or five with a Family Card ) people get free admission;
  • Invitation to attend free film festival in Omniversum;
  • 10% discount in the Museon and Omniversum stores;
  • Friends magazine four times a year; 
  • 10% discount for a friend and his table companions at Brasserie Berlage


Thanks to contributions and donations, the association was able to contribute to the exhibitions "One Planet", "Traveling in space" and other exhibitions in Museon. In addition, they also realized the "green" roof on the Museon, the Media Lab and the "People and Evolution" theme room. For the benefit of Omniversum, the Friends contributed to the Virtual Reality Project and to the "Bid Book" for the purchase of a new projector.


  • Registration forms for youth and adults are available at Museon and Omniversum. 
  • For memberships, please send an email to vvv@museon.nl, stating your name, address including zipcode and emailadress and chosen membership.
  • The gift card is available at the Museon shop. 


Current board members: 

Roos van Dijk - beoogd voorzitter
Melanie Hermus - beoogd secretaris
Peter Schreuder - penningmeester
Marjan Engels - pr/communicatie
Frits Steenbruggen - winkelmanager

The member administration is managed by Ton Robers.

Annual meeting

Every year the Friends are invited to the Annual Meeting in which the board will account for their actions. The meeting documents include a report from the previous Annual Meeting, an Annual Report from the Secretary, a Financial Report from the Treasurer and budget proposals for the current and coming year. These documents can be downloaded below.


For questions or inquiries please email to: vvv@museon.nl

Our mission

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