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Group Omniversum

Group benefits

Omniversum is an unique attraction in The Hague and should not be missed in your program. For groups of more than 20 people there are special group benefits and many extra possibilities.

Prices for groups

Prices apply to parties from 20 people.

Per person € 11,50 


Benefits for groups

  • A film of your choice from our film library
  • Advantageous package deals

Private event

Are you looking for a private film show for your company? During and outside the regular opening hours exclusive rental based on buyout is possible. With a private event it is possible to briefly welcome your guests to the theater. You can use our presentation materials and support from our technical experts free of charge.

Read more information about Omniversum as an event location on our business page.

Gift cards

Surprise employees or business relations with tickets for a film or an arrangement in Omniversum. Or give tickets as a premium for your (new) customers. Omniversum uses special rates for organizations that purchase larger quantities of admission tickets. Gift vouchers are valid up to a year after the issue date and can be personalized in consultation.

Bus operators & tour operators

A visit to Omniversum is ideal for tour groups. With many attractions and restaurants in the neighborhood, a visit can easily be extended to a full day out. For tour operators we use special rates for film tickets, package deals and various restaurants.

Benefits for bus drivers

  • Excellent accessibility
  • Possibility of free parking
  • Free access to the film
  • Free cup of coffee / tea

More information

Do you have questions about visiting Omniversum with a group? Contact us via the information below, or leave your details on the right. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Group bookings
070 416 82 00

070 416 82 00

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