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zaal met vertaling


With our Sennheiser MobileConnect technology non-Dutch-speaking film lovers no longer have to miss a word at Omniversum!

The MobileConnect app allows you to listen to the English narration of the main movie (narration is not available for film trailers or teasers) through the earphones of your smartphone. Simply download the app, activate it and plug in your earphones. We do advise you to bring your own since it’s not possible to purchase earphones at Omniversum.

How does MobileConnect work?

1. Download the Sennheiser MobileConnect app via the App Store or Google Play. We recommend that you download and install the app at home or before visiting Omniversum. Also, don’t forget to bring your own earphones!

2. Activate the audio channel once you are inside the theatre by switching your WiFi to the MobileConnect network

3. Start the app and adjust the volume to your preference (scanning a QR-code is not necessary)

Enjoy the movie!

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