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CSI spel in Museon

Package deal Omniversum x Museon

Complete your day out with a combination ticket for Museon and Omniversum and you will benefit from a nice discount! And did you know that Museon is only a 3-minute walk from Omniversum? With the step-by-step plan below you can easily order your combi tickets online. The combi tickets are only available online on the Omniversum website.

Package deal prices

  • Adults € 24,50
  • Children (12 t/m 18 jaar) € 21,50
  • Children (4 t/m 11 jaar) € 19,50
  • Children (0 t/m 3 jaar) € 12,50
    Select a regular entrance ticket for this age category in the Omniversum purchase process (€ 12.50).
    An entrance ticket for Museon is not required.

How do I purchase package deal tickets?

  1. Choose a film, date and time. View the complete film agenda here
  2. Select a seat from the map
  3. Select the correct ticket type per seat in the dropdown menu*
  4. Complete the order and receive your e-tickets directly in your e-mail
  5. Go to www.museon.nl/en 
  6. Choose ‘0-Euro ticket’
  7. Select the date and timeslot of your choice (the date must correspond with the date of the visit to Omniversum) and complete your order

* Please note: for a visit to Museon, a timeslot must be reserved for children from 0 to 3 years old.

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