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Bezoekers in de horeca van Omniversum


Complete your visit with a snack or drink in our restaurant. And what about a souvenir as a reminder of your visit to Omniversum?

Food and drinks

Our restaurant offers a great choice for everyone. We have a wonderful selection of hot and cold drinks, tasty sandwiches and cakes to enjoy.


The Omniversum shop has a large selection of film-related items but you can also find unique gifts and souvenirs. From beautiful encyclopedias and books to postcards and stuffed animals, the shop has something to suit all tastes. Moreover, with every stuffed animal you purchase from the WWF collection, you supports WWF.

Watch our films in English

Do you prefer to watch the films in English? Via the Sennheiser Cinema Connect technology you can follow the main film via your own smartphone and earphones in English (this does not apply to trailers and teasers). Download the app via Google Play or App store. Read further instructions for downloading and activating here.

Our mission

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