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Auditorium Omniversum

Ticket prices

There are different types of tickets available, from regular movie tickets to combination and group tickets. Here you can find all types of tickets and prizes in one overview.


Adults   € 12,50
Children (4 - 12 yrs)   € 9,75 

Discount ticket for additional show on same day € 6,25 *

* This is a discount ticket. Other discounts or reductions do not apply to this ticket.


VR-Experience (Virtual Reality)

If you also visit a film   € 5,00
Without a film ticket    € 7,50

More about VR-Experience 


Pin only betalen bij Omniversum

Vanaf 1 februari stapt Omniversum over op Pin Only. Betalen met contant geld is dan niet meer mogelijk. We kunnen je hiermee sneller en veiliger van dienst zijn. De tijdswinst die het oplevert, zorgt voor kortere rijen bij de kassa en horeca. Bedankt voor je begrip en medewerking!

Alleen pinnen

Admission packages

Combine your visit to Omniversum with a visit to Madurodam, Sea Life, Panorama Mesdag or Museon. These tickets are only available at the cashier at the Omniversum.

Omniversum + Madurodam
Adults   € 24,25
Children (4 - 12 yrs)   € 21,75

Omniversum + Sea Life
Adults   € 23,00
Children (4 - 12 yrs)   € 17,50

Omniversum + Museon
Adults   € 23,00
Children (12 -18 yrs)   € 20,50
Children (4 - 12 yrs)   € 15,75

During school holidays the admission package for Omniversum and Museon is only available at Omniversum.

Terms & conditions

  • These are discount tickets. Other discounts or reductions do not apply to these tickets.
  • When you buy an admission package, you will receive a admission voucher for the second park/museum/theatre.
  • This voucher can only be used on the same day.
  • Tickets can only be collected on the day of your visit.


Omniversum is a unique attraction in The Hague and certainly not to be missed during a day out. Group prices are valid for groups with a minimum of 20 persons.

General groups
Adults   € 11,50
Children (4 - 12 yrs)   € 8,75

Package deal 1, including: filmticket, coffee/tea and apple pie
Adults   € 16,45
Children (4 - 12 yrs)   € 13,70

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