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Event location The Hague Omniversum

Unique event location

Omniversum is by far the largest dome theater in the Benelux and unique in Europe. Under an enormous dome of 840 m2, more than twelve times larger than an average cinema screen, every film is an unrivaled experience and a wonderful viewing and listening experience that makes your event special! It is the place where the beauty and vulnerability of our earth are made tangible in a powerful way.


Theatre and foyer

The dome screen offers the opportunity to express your message in a spectacular way. Whether it is a lecture, company presentation or workshop: every presentation gets an extra dimension on the huge screen!
Before or after the meeting you can use the foyer of Omniversum for drinks or a cup of coffee. The foyer has a terrace with tables and seating. In addition, the foyer can be filled with standing tables. Via narrowcasting your message can also be made visible in various ways in the foyer. Lighting, music and further decoration can be adjusted as desired.

Your photos will pop out on the dome screen - Karin Anema, travel journalist

These parties have preceded you

A selection from the parties who have presented their event here:
Jan Doets reizen, Brand USA, De Plastic Soup Surfer, Philips en André Kuipers.

Our mission

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