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Aarde vanuit de ruimte gezien - VR


Only very few people have experienced what it’s like to be in outer space. Now you can have this unique experience too!

Enjoy the exhilarating feel of a space jet take off and witness the stunning view of planet earth in zero gravity. This space venture mesmerizes you with countless memorable moments whilst orbiting our planet. (a VR experience by Force Field)

VR is the abbreviation of the words ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. With the use of computer technology a simulated environment is created. Combined with special glasses, the oculus rift, this Virtual Reality comes to life.

About the VR-Experience

Due to hygiene measures, the VR is temporarily closed.

The VR-experience is suitable for all ages. Tickets are available at the counter and cannot be reserved in advance.



  •  € 5,00 if you also visit a film in Omniversum
  •  € 7,50 without a film ticket

The OmniVRsum VR-experience was sponsored by de Vereniging van Vrienden van Museon en Omniversum.

Our mission

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