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office desk

Allround theatre staff

The Allround Theater staff can be deployed in different departments. In all departments the visitors are treated in a customer-friendly way and helped in an informative manner. Within this visitor-oriented appearance, the aim is to achieve maximum sales of products. Key words of the function include: commercial, meticulous, flexible, collegial and team-oriented. In addition, you are expected to place a high priority on the safety of visitors and colleagues.

Job description


  • Ticket check and visitor guidance.
  • Supervise during the film for the safety of the guests.
  • Act/assist during emergencies.
  • Short presentation / introduction to welcome guests.


  • Making reservations.
  • Providing information.

Cash register and store

  • Selling filmtickets.
  • Providing information and service.
  • Selling merchandise.


  • The manufacture, supplementing and selling of catering products.
  • Maintaining hygiene.

Virtual reality

  • Operate.
  • Providing information and service.
  • Supervise visitors and equipment.

Other tasks

  • Help in other departments (on behalf of the supervisor).
  • Cleaning of own workplace and general public spaces.
  • Supervise and ensuring the safety of the visitor, colleagues and themselves.



  • If necessary, the employee can be deployed for other activities.



Download your application form here (in Dutch)

Send your CV, motivation letter and the application form above to sollicitatie@omniversum.nl, or to:

T.a.v. Monique Batelaan
President Kennedylaan 5
2517JK Den Haag

You may be invited for an exploratory interview.
More info? Call the P&O department during office hours at: 070 - 4168200

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