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Omniversum is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 measures. More information
Zaal Omniversum

Omniversum Cinema

Omniversum presents Omniversum Cinema. In addition to our giant screen films, you will be able to watch the most beautiful arthouse films and documentaries at Omniversum. Omniversum Cinema films are suitable for the age 16+ and are shown in its original language, with Dutch subtitles.


The Omniversum Cinema films run for two weeks. One of the titles changes every other week.


Ticket sales have not started yet.

Cinema ticket: € 12,50

Cineville Pass is not yet accepted. Omniversum Cinema is excluded from discount promotions.

Cinema scherm

Je ziet de films van Omniversum Cinema op bioscoopformaat, dus niet koepelvullend zoals bij de Omniversum Digital Dome films.

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