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buitenzijde omniversum

Coronavirus safety

We have introduced a number of measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all.

Measures from September 25th

Omniversum follows the guidelines of the government. In the next month, the cabinet will carefully and step by step let go of the 1.5 meter distance in society. To ensure the safety of our visitors and employees, we will ask visitors older than 13 years of age for a COVID certificate.

Below you can read how to make a COVID certificate:

  • Step 1 Download the CoronaCheck app or go to www.coronacheck.nl
  • Step 2 Upload 1 of the following 3 proofs in the CoronaCheck app: a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or proof that you have recovered from COVID.
  • Step 3 You take your corona admission ticket with you via the CoronaCheck app or printed on paper. We scan the QR code at the entrance. Also bring your ID with you. Your data will be compared with the data in the COVID certificate. You also show your movie ticket at the entrance.

Children up to the age of 12 do not need a COVID certificate. You may be asked for an ID to verify the age.

Do you have complaints on the day of your visit, are you in quarantine or have you been in contact with someone with COVID? Then stay home and get tested.

More information can be found at www.coronacheck.nl or contact the CoronaCheck helpdesk via 0800-1421 or helpdesk@coronacheck.nl.

Our mission

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