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Poster van Cuba
Digital Dome


Run time
45 minutes
Dutch (English audio available with MobileConnect)
Narrated by
Omniversum advises parents to decide whether this film is suitable for their child(ren).

This is a giant screen dome film.

Cuba tells the powerful story of a land preserved in time, yet poised on the cusp of dramatic change. The nation’s vibrant culture, meticulously maintained colonial architecture, and pristine ecosystems provide a vivid window into the island’s history and spirit. Cuba will transport audiences across breathtaking landscapes, under the ocean surface to iridescent reefs, and into streets throbbing with music and dance in the heart of Havana. Through the eyes of Cuban artists, historians, and scientists, the film provides an intimate look this vivacious island nation. Filmed exclusively for IMAX® and giant screen formats, Cuba reveals why Cuba continues to stir the imagination of the world.

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Saturday 3 October
Sunday 4 October
Thursday 8 October
Friday 9 October
Thursday 15 October
Friday 16 October
Saturday 17 October
Sunday 18 October
Monday 19 October
Tuesday 20 October
Wednesday 21 October
Thursday 22 October
Friday 23 October
Saturday 24 October
Sunday 25 October

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